The Unpolished Barn

The Unpolished Barn // Downeast Maine

The Unpolished Barn

The Unpolished Barn LLC located in Downeast Maine,  specializes in distressed signs and home decor items. Their signs can be found in hotels, restaurants, taverns, bistros, primary & vacation homes from coast to coast.

Tina Kish is living her dream, despite being covered in sawdust, paint and stain daily!

Production of any one of their signs is not a quick and easy task that can be completed in a day or two. She personally crafts each sign from start to finish as if they were to be hung in her own home. Many believe that the wood she uses is old or reclaimed. She’s been asked “Where did you get the beautiful old barn wood?” Everyone is very surprised that she personally inspects and selects each piece of wood directly at the lumber yard.

Not all wood is created equal, she must look for specific qualities in each piece that help further the final products rustic appeal.

Each sign has its own character and no two will ever be alike. To ensure a product of quality and beauty each sign begins with the application of paint and 3 drying stages before the real magic happens which is her personal technique of distressing.

To achieve the unmatched weathered and rustic allure of her signs it takes more than one might imagine. Each sign will travel through 8 specific stages of my unique distressing technique before the final finish is applied. Each stage of the distressing must be completed in sequence and no stage can be overlooked to ensure the ultimate effect. Once complete the sign is set aside for its 4th and final stage of drying before it is ready to be shipped.

Designer: Tina Kish
IG: @unpolishedbarn


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